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Compliance & Inspections

Whether it is code enforcement, association requirements, HOA rules and regulations or legal compliance, we are your local boots on the ground. Our goal is to protect your investment and improve your cash flow.

Full-Time Legal Team

Struggling to understand the myriad landlord-tenant laws in California? We use the Duringer Law Group for evictions and have a seasoned staff to help our property owners navigate our complicated state laws.

  • Time Rent Collection – Every month we strive to collect your rent in full and on time. Our collection processes are professional but fair, and we are extremely diligent in collecting rent in a systematic, timely and legal process.
  • Lease, HOA and Policy Enforcement – Our Property Managers are responsible for making sure any lease restrictions, policies, and HOA guidelines are followed by the tenants. This includes providing renters with a copy of the HOA rules and regulations. If a tenant does cause a violation, they are quickly noticed and given proper notice to comply. Great effort is made to prevent violations and any potential HOA fines.
  • Strict and Compliant Evictions – Even with careful tenant placement there is occasionally a tenant will need to be evicted. Our Property and Branch Managers are extremely knowledgeable in state and local landlord/tenant laws. If a tenant does not pay rent as agreed or violates the terms of the lease, we start the eviction process, initiate the proper notices and take the legal steps necessary to minimize loss of rent costs and get the property leased again.

Scheduled Inspections

Professional and thorough inspections of your property are critical to assess your property’s condition and ensure tenants are complying with the terms of their lease. Here are the five types of inspections performed:

  • Pre-Leasing – Before your rental is put on the market, we determine work or improvements to make your property “rent ready”.
  • Move-In – When a tenant takes possession, the condition of your rental is documented in order to create a baseline condition to determine “normal wear and tear” when they move out.
  • Move-Out – Once the tenant vacates your property, this inspection is performed to document the final condition of the property and compare it to the Move-In Inspection. This helps to determine the claims that may be made against the tenant’s security deposit.
  • Periodic – If requested by an owner, we will conduct a random inspection of the property during the course of the lease.

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